Industrial Isotopes Pushing the Boundaries of Computing Power for the Next Century


Industrial Isotopes

Our Technology is Tried and Tested in the separation and enrichment of industrial isotopes:

  • Quantum Computers are expected to be thousands of times more powerful than today’s conventional computers, and it is widely anticipated that they will create new opportunities in medicine, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, finance, logistics and other industries
  • Silicon-based quantum computer processors will utilize atomic-scale quantum spin effects with ‘Qubits’ to dramatically increase processing power
  • We expect to become the world’s leading supplier of Silicon-28 for quantum computing and other high-tech industries
  • We expect our technology could enrich other light isotopes such as Carbon-14 for the use in the geology, anthropology and archeology sectors
  • Highly enriched Silicon-28 may increase the conductivity of photovoltaic cells for use in the generation of solar energy
Pilot ASP plant

Our Silicon-28 enrichment plant in South Africa.