A Leader in Isotope Enrichment Technology for the Medical, Semiconductor and Green Energy Sectors

What are isotopes?

Isotopes are two or more atoms of the same chemical element with the same number of protons and electrons but slightly different numbers of neutrons.

ASPI’s advanced technology leverages 20+ years of R&D history to enrich isotopes in varying levels of atomic mass. Our goal is to use innovative technology to become an indispensable supplier of enriched isotopes to three multi-billion-dollar end markets:


We utilize two proprietary technologies to enrich isotopes:

Aerodynamic Separation Process (ASP)

The Aerodynamic Separation Process utilizes gaseous diffusion via a stationary wall centrifuge paired with proprietary flow directors to separate isotopes of varying levels of atomic mass.

Aerodynamic Separation Process

Quantum Enrichment (QE)

Quantum enrichment technology employs precisely tuned lasers and quantum mechanical principles to efficiently separate isotopes based on their unique transition energies, achieving high selectivity for most elements.

Quantum Enrichment