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We are an Advanced Materials Company

Who are we?

Over the past 18 years, our scientists have developed the Aerodynamic Separation Process (ASP) that allows for the enrichment of isotopes that either cannot be enriched or are challenging to enrich using traditional approaches. Specifically, our technology allows us to enrich elements with both low and high atomic masses.

Our initial focus in on producing Molybdenum-100, with the intention of competing against Molybdenum-99. The latter is currently utilized in generating Technetium-99m, the most commonly used imaging radionuclide. The supply chain is highly complex and plagued by regular supply interruptions, which, in turn, is associated with serious implications for both hospitals and patients. The Global Mo-99 market is estimated to be over $3bn.

Nine of the ten nuclear reactors that currently produce Mo-99 globally are expected to cease operations by 2030. Many companies and governments are searching for alternative methods of producing Technetium-99m, which do not involve the fission of uranium.

We completed the construction and commissioning of our first enrichment facility in 2023, and expect to start generating revenues during 2024. There has been significant interest from potential customers in our technology.